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Intern UCO Benefits

Funds are awarded to campus departments to create opportunities for students.

Through a competitive application process, departments create skill-specific internship requests to be funded by the Student Transformative Learning Record.

Enhance student engagement and improve retention efforts.

Increasing student engagement with UCO faculty and staff should increase students’ sense of belonging here on campus, which research shows will increase retention and graduation rates.

Apply theory to practice.

Deepen student learning by taking students out of thought process and involve them in active learning.

Improve the UCO Community.

Students make a direct contribution to the campus by working in an internship position that supports the University’s strategic initiatives to increase transformative learning experiences for students relating to the Central Six tenets. 

Students will learn more about their chosen field of study.

Intern UCO is designed to give students the opportunity to gain major/career specific experience, be responsible for complex project-based tasks, improve and hone in on professional skills, and gain insight into the professional world.

Build a professional network.

Intern UCO students will grow their University connections in a variety of ways. Interns will build a relationship with their faculty/staff mentor and create connections with students peers through a monthly professional development series led by the Career Development Center.

Students gain a competitive advantage.

After completing the year long program, students will gain professional experience related to their career interests as well as a Career Readiness Certificate. 

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