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Intern UCO Details

Program Goals:

  1. To provide students an intellectually challenging, professional-level internship that connects with their fields of study and career goals.
  2. To give students the opportunity to apply knowledge and enhance skills while engaging in real-life work assignments leading to transformative learning.
  3. To provide students the opportunity to work collaboratively with colleagues under the mentorship of a university faculty member or staff.
  4. To provide the departments with a highly motivated, academically trained, and focused student employee to work toward attainment of specific departmental or university initiatives.
  5. To give students opportunities to maximize their learning and earning opportunities while enrolled at UCO.
  6. To enhance students’ post-graduation employability by giving them professional-level work experience.
  7. To prepare college graduates for a successful transition into the workplace by the attainment and demonstration of career readiness competencies.

Career Readiness Certificate

Students who complete all Intern UCO requirements will receive a Certificate of Career Readiness. The certificate signifies that students have become competent in the eight areas of career readiness as defined by The National Association of Colleges and Employers: Critical Thinking/Problem Solving, Oral/Written Communications, Teamwork/Collaboration, Information Technology Application, Leadership, Professionalism/Work Ethic, Career Management, and Global/Intercultural Fluency.


Student salaries are 100% percent funded by the Student Transformative Learning Record (STLR) at a rate of $10/hour for undergraduate students and $12/hour for graduate students. The number of hours per week a student will work must be proposed in the TL Student Project application and approved by STLR.

Students will receive $100 ($120 for graduate students) in additional wages upon completion of the Intern UCO Program Requirements. 

Students/supervisors are required to adhere to TL Project Guidelines

TL Student Project Application Process:

  • Students or Supervisors will enter the TL Student Project Competition:
    • Timeline:
      • Applications available the month of October for Spring/Summer projects.
      • Applications available February 15-March 30, 2018 for Fall/Spring 2018-2019 projects.

Special note: projects submitted for summer only are ineligible for the program.

  • Any project that meets the criteria for internships, according to Career Development Center guidelines, can elect for student(s) to participate in the Intern UCO Program.
  • Project funding awards will be decided by the Transformative Learning Steering Committee according to their guidelines.
  • A project may be awarded STLR-funding, but declined entry to Intern UCO. A project declined STLR funding may still be eligible to participate in Intern UCO (see below).
  • Projects awarded funding will be notified by STLR.

Off-Campus/Unfunded Application Process:

  • Students secure on off-campus internship or a departmental internship.
  • Internships may be paid, unpaid or for course credit.
  • Students will apply to participate in the Intern UCO program via the application found HERE.
  • Supervisors are encouraged to STLR-tag their students’ internships. Supervisors must be STLR trained in order to tag.

Special note: These students will not receive compensation from the Career Development Center—but will receive an Intern UCO Career Readiness Certificate upon completion of professional development curriculum.  

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