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Career Fairs

Career Fairs

The following Career Fairs provide students and alumni an opportunity to network and/or interview with potential employers.  In addition, the fairs and forums give employers a convenient means to meet and/or interview candidates to satisfy recruitment needs as well as promote their organization and positions to a large audience. 

  • Career and Internship Fairs are scheduled during the Fall and Spring semesters to invite local and national organizations to meet, interview, and/or accept resumes from UCO candidates for full-time employment, internships, and/or graduate school. 
  • Education Job Fairs are scheduled annually to invite public and private school districts, charter schools, and education organizations to recruit and/or interview for teacher certification/licensure positions, administration positions, speech and language pathologists, nurses, counselors, psychologists, psychometrists, and/or library media specialists.  All graduating student teachers are required to attend this fair.
  • Industry Specific Career Fairs are scheduled periodically throughout the academic year to fulfill a need for our students and employers to have a personalized and focused fair for a specific academic major or industry to network as well as explore and satisfy internship and full-time job needs.  Sometimes called "boutique fairs," these types of fairs allow for students and organizations to participate in a small, exclusive career exploration and information activity.  
  • Volunteer & Part Time Job Fair is scheduled annually during the first week of classes, also known as Stampede Week. It is an opportunity for local businesses to be exposed to the entire UCO campus community, nearly 17,000 students and 1,300 employees, at the heart of the UCO campus. Organizations will gain awareness; find potential part-time, full-time, or internship employees; and enjoy the UCO community.  
  • On Campus Interviews are arranged through the Career Development Center to find the best candidate for full-time or internship positions. While interviews may be scheduled throughout the year, they are most often requested by organizations during the months of February, March, April, September, October, and November. Employers utilize the customized on campus interview process for meeting UCO candidates in a comfortable and familiar atmosphere; publicizing the organization to a specified group of UCO students or the entire student population; satisfying specific hiring needs by tailoring interview selections by UCO major, program, or degree; receiving appropriate resumes for pre-screening; and conducting uninterrupted interviews in professional private rooms away from daily office distractions. On Campus Interviews are FREE for recruiting organizations and for UCO students and alumni; however, registration with the Career Development Center is required


  • You may view the list of employers attending prior to the event, in real time as they register, through HireBronchos.
  • Access HireBronchos through your UConnect and Campus Services tab.  Click on HireBronchos logo.
  • For the next available fair or event, visit the "Career Events" section of your HireBronchos account and/or visit the Career Development Center's home page to view both the Calendar of Activities and Employers on Campus.
  • Remember:
  1. Professional dress is required for entry into the career fairs.
  2. Bring copies of your approved, edited resume.
  3. Research the companies you would like to speak with so you may ask them more detailed information and make a strong impression on the recruiter.

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