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Resume Search / Referral

A Student Search is a convenient way to increase your success at finding qualified candidates.  We encourage all of our partner organizations to frequently conduct student searches via HireBronchos.  With thousands of jobs posted each year, students and alumni have a huge variety of employers competing for their attention; proactive employers who browse resumes and contact candidates directly meet with higher levels of success than employers rely solely on job postings.

To conduct a Student Search:

  1. Visit HireBronchos.
  2. Click on "Employers"
  3. Login to your HireBronchos account.  Enter your username and password or "Click here to register!" if you are a new registrant.  Note: New registrants should check out the UCO Employer Guide for HireBronchos to assist with the initial registration process. If you are a first-time HireBronchos registrant, you will not immediately be able to search resumes until your account has been approved and Career Services grants you access to search resumes.  If you are a third-party recruiter, you will not be given access to search resumes; however, you may post jobs and/or request a resume referral.
  4. Click on "Student Search" in the toolbar.
  5. Enter the desired demographic criteria and click on "search."
  6. Candidates matching your criteria will be listed, and you may review their profiles and resumes by clicking on their name.

A Resume Referral is another service available to your organization if you are posting full-time and internship career-related positions.  You must be registered with HireBronchos to be the recipient of a resume referral.  See above for those instructions.  If you are having a difficult time navigating UCO's academic majors and/or the search function, the Career Development Center team can assist you with a list of resumes maintained in HireBronchos by current students, upcoming graduates, and alumni seeking part-time, full-time, and internship employment.  The list is generated in HireBronchos by searching demographic criteria such as major field of study, degree level, etc. and/or key words specified by the potential employer.  The resulting matches will then be emailed to you for review and you may contact any of the candidates directly to determine if mutual interest exists.

If you have questions or would like to request a resume referral, please contact our office by calling 405-974-3346 or by email at careers@uco.edu.

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