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Classroom Assignment Opportunities

Faculty and staff can collaborate with the UCO Career Development Center to help students gain valuable knowledge and skills by requiring class assignments. To request a class assignment, please contact us  at 405-974-3346 or email careers@uco.edu.

Required and Extra Credit assignments must be discussed with in advance of making the assignment.  This prevents confusion among faculty, students, and the Career Development Center.  If this communication does not take place, we will not accept responsibility for conflicts or capacity challenges.

Assignment Suggestions:

  • Resume Building Activity. Download the assignment HERE.
  • We can create a custom mock interview that students can complete online. We set up the questions with BigInterview and you review and give your students feed back! Ask us about BigInterview
  • Register with HireBronchos
  • Complete a Career Assessment as a class and schedule an interpretation and activity presentation. Some of our assessments have a cost and may take class time. Contact us for more details.
  • Attend workshops and presentations and assign reflective writing or group discussion.
  • Participate in a Mock Interview during Mock Interview Days (Students must RSVP).
  • Attend a UCO Career Fair.

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