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Career Services is here to help you help students.  Partnerships between faculty/staff and Career Services can combine our strengths and resources to benefit our students.  You have likely been approached by students with questions related to choosing majors, finding internships, landing jobs or applying to graduate school. We look forward to assisting you and your students.

UCO Career Services has a new career development model focused on industries of interest. We know that a major doesn't always equal your career. Appointments and future programming will be structured around this new model. 

What the New Model is NOT:

What the NEW Model IS:

- Services for specific majors only
(outside of the College of Business)

- Only for those who already have a career/major

- Focuses on the idea that major doesn't always equal career

- Designed around industries/career fields

- Helps students explore their career interests and how to get there

Career Areas by Industry

- Health, Science, Technology, Engineering & Math
- Education, Public & Human Services
- Arts, Communications, Entertainment, Business for Non-Business Majors
- Students still deciding

University of Central Oklahoma Career Services
A Department of Student Affairs