Impact Career Events


Come join us for a week of events all centered around one central idea: how can each and every member of the UCO community make a positive impact on their classrooms, campus, community, and the environment? The week will also focus on translating the impactful experiences you have while at UCO to skills that you will use to better your future, improve the quality of life for yourself and your family, and find a career that is fueled by your passion and ability. 

For more information, contact the Volunteer and Service Learning Center (405.974.2621), the Office of Sustainability (405.974.3526), or the Career Development Center (405.974.3346).


The center will sponsors a wide range of events, including speakers, workshops, professional development programs. Each semester events are determined based upon requests from employers/organizations, students, and faculty/staff who are interested in co-planning/hosting a program. If interested in partnering to coordinate an impact program, please contact the Career Development Center at or 405-975-3346.

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