Impact Career Opportunities

Opportunities to launch a career in an impact field exist throughout and beyond your college education. Consider these options to begin developing the knowledge, skills, and network that will positively impact your impact career!


Formal academic coursework and social and environmental impact degree programs as well as professional certifications and non-credit classes can develop your professional qualifications for impact careers.


Giving your time to an organization or a cause is a great way to learn more about the cause, prove your commitment, build a network, and identify new opportunities.


Short-term project-based work (typically completed as a student) relating to your academics or impact career interests designed to enhance your skill sets, resume, and knowledge of how the field works


Guided research allows students to delve deeper into social and environmental issues to enhance their own understanding and contribute to the body of knowledge for the field. The experience develops exceptional critical thinking and written communication skills along with the research experience often valued by graduate education programs.


Competitive specialized awards to pursue impact roles may be available to help you pursue your impact goals.

Service Corps

Taking six weeks up to a couple of years (typically after graduation) to serve in a corps domestically or internationally can offer professional development with a stipend and other benefits.

Entry-level Jobs and "Intrapreneurship"

Starting in an organization or company that currently has a culture that addresses sustainability issues OR has a lot of room for growth can be a great way to learn technical skills, build your experience and network.

Entrepreneurial Programs and Incubators

If interested in starting your own nonprofit or social business, there is a rise in organizations that support entrepreneurs both financially and educationally.

Networking and Memberships

Joining student and professional organizations creates opportunities for networking, knowledge development and skill building.

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