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Parents & Families

The Career Development Center assists students in all majors and years to explore their interests and abilities, connect with internships and experiences and navigate the job search process. Through a variety of advising programs, services and events, the staff provides students with the resources they need to achieve their success.

Parents and family members are essential components to the development and engagement of college students. The Career Development Center welcomes and appreciates family support and involvement in the career exploration process.

Ways you can help your student:

  • Encourage your student to visit The Career Development Center during his/her first year. Our Career Development Specialists can assist your student in selecting a major, exploring different career paths and researching and connecting with internships, experiences and jobs. It’s never too early to start the process.
  • Be patient. It is natural for college students to seek more independence as they find their places in the world.
  • Support his/her choices. Maintain an open mind when your student considers possible majors and career paths. Encourage your student to explore new opportunities. Trust your student’s judgment.

Partner with Career Services to assist current students

Is your employer, business or organization interested in recruiting UCO students? Do you have an interest in giving back to your student’s university? From offering a job or internship to volunteering as a mock interviewer, there are many ways parents and family members can partner with the Career Development Center to assist current students.

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