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Congratulations.  You are part of an exciting tradition that is more than 50 years strong.  Being Greek on the UCO campus is a fantastic way to build skills and develop lifetime friendships.  Did you know however, that the experiences and opportunities you have in your fraternity or Sorority can carry over into the post-collegiate world as well?

Just like the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life says, “Being Greek opens doors to academic initiatives, campus involvement, leadership opportunities, philanthropic service, personal enrichment and a connection that lasts a lifetime.”  Often the question comes up, how can I utilize my Greek experiences after college?  Here are some great tips to help you with professional networking and how to list your Greek accomplishments on your resume effectively.



Network Within Your Greek Organizations

Here are some ways that you, as a college student or recent alum, can connect with older alumni from your Greek associations for career networking purposes:

  • Join your Fraternity/Sorority's LinkedIn Group:
    Most national Greek organizations have groups on LinkedIn. Your organization’s LinkedIn group is a place to share news, start discussions, and meet other members. Some fraternities and sororities have thousands of members in their LinkedIn groups. Joining a group like this could put you in contact with a number of professionals with many connections of their own. But it’s not enough for you to sit passively in the group; you need to be assertive and proactive! Post in the discussion section.
  • Look into Formal Career Networking Offerings Developed by your National Organization:
    Many Greek organizations have their own online communities specifically meant for networking. Others host leadership development programs for active and alumni members to attend. Some Greek organizations even set up regional gatherings for members in similar career fields to connect. Call up your national office and ask them exactly what you should be doing to tap into alumni networking opportunities with your organization.
  • Attend Alumni Programming at your Chapter, and ACTUALLY TALK to the alumni:
    Alumni really enjoy talking to collegiate members, and you probably have more in common than you may think. On a related note, if your chapter is planning a larger, more formal alumni event, you may even want to do research beforehand and find out who will be in attendance. If you can identify a few alums (based on career field) with whom you’d like to speak, come up with some talking points to get you through the introduction phase of the conversation.
  • Tell the Other Active Members of your Fraternity or Sorority About your Career Ambitions:
    You never know who may have a parent or cousin or neighbor or friend working at the company where you want to work! Networking is ultimately about relationship building.

Marketing Your Greek Experience on Your Resume

When writing any resume, it is important to remember that it should be tailored for each job.  Your experiences from Greek life however can truly enhance your resume if done correctly.  Utilize the following tips when creating your resume.

  • Describe/Define your Greek Experience:
    What skills do you have now that you didn’t have before you joined Greek life?

    It is important for fraternity and sorority members to display the skills developed while being involved with Greek life. Community service projects, leadership, events that required teamwork, as well as relationships built during your time in a sorority or fraternity all help to develop skills such as:


    While involved in Greek life it is extremely unlikely that you did not serve on some type of committee or executive board. Employers like to see potential employees exercise that level of responsibility in an organization. The experiences you learned while upholding these positions reflect greatly on your potential performance as an employee. It is important to highlight personal accomplishments or learning experiences.


    Greek members are known for their help in the community. Whether it is  Big Pink, Habitat for Humanity, Adopt-a-Highway, Relay for Life, etc. It’s important to show that you are versatile and concerned with others as well as yourself.

  • Use Action Words:

    Action words are used to describe experiences, skills, and achievements listed on your resume and should represent a specific skill or level of proficiency gained from that experience

    Example action words: Achieved, Arranged, Assisted, Attended, Chaired, Collaborated, Coordinated, Communicated, Entrusted, Led, Organized, Planned, Publicized, Ran, Served, Sponsored, Supported, Volunteered

    You can view even more on our Resume Guide or by utilizing OptimalResume.

  • Include Details:

    The easiest way to explain the importance of your experience in Greek life is to provide concrete details about your experience. If you don’t provide details about what you did – employers will fill in those blanks on their own, which could be a benefit OR a detriment. 

    Ideas of Details to Provide Include:

    The purpose of an event

    Who an event served (community, Greek life, alumni, etc.)

    Your role in the event (coordinated, planned, attended, facilitated)

  • Give Relevant Numbers:

    When providing details about your experience, you also want to give specific data. These numbers will give your employers a better idea of what you did, how often you did it, and give you the opportunity to stand out to that company.

    How many? Such as: People at events? Number of events planned? Dollars raised?  People led as part of a team?

    How often? Such as: Do you public speak? Volunteer? Plan events? Lead meetings/events?

  • Tailor Your Resume:

    When you are developing your resume for a job, you need to adapt your resume to that job specifically.  Does their job description include communication skills, organization skills, or management skills? Use specific examples from your Greek experience to show these skills.

    If it is not relevant, leave it off.  If you aren’t sure if it is relevant or not, set up an appointment with a Career Development Specialist in the Career Development Center to discuss it.

  • Be Confident in Your Experience:

    No two Greek experiences will ever be the same. Be confident in your experience and recognize the importance of the skills you gained from that experience. If you are unsure about why you joined your organization or what you gained from the organization, interviewers will feel the same way about the experience.

  • References:

    Greek advisors as well as chapter advisors are good references to put on your resume. They will be able to explain how your part in a sorority or fraternity made a difference or helped to keep the organization running. Greek alumni, who worked with you before graduation, may also be good references.

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