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Find An Internship / Co-Op

How do you get a job without experience?  How do you get experience without a job?  Internships are the answer!

Internships are a way to gain experience in your chosen career field.   They can help you better understand what you WANT to do and what you DO NOT WANT to do.  While many major programs require an internship, most still do not. Students have realized the value of completing one or more internships during college, and there are opportunities available in a variety of disciplines. Internships are posted within HireBronchos just as other job opportunities. You may search locally, throughout Oklahoma, and around the country.

Many interns are hired in the fall for the following summer • stay active in your search and with Career Services so you do not miss out on an excellent opportunity and fully utilize the following tools to assist you:

  • HireBronchos – a FREE job search database for UCO students and alums to search for internships, part-time jobs, and local and national full-time jobs as well as provides access Internships.com, CareerBuilder.com, JuJuJobs.com, and CareerRookie.com.
  • Student Internship Manual – a comprehensive guide to answer your questions regarding internships from how to find one to obtaining academic credit to utilizing your experience as you pursue your career goals.  This manual answers them all and if your question is not answered after reading the Student Internship Manual, then contact our Coordinator of Internships for further assistance.

Additional internship information is available in the Career Services' Resource Guides.  If you have questions about the process of finding an internship or how to prepare for your internship, please contact the Coordinator of Internships at 405-974-3346 or by emailing careers@uco.edu.

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